Filipino treats at the New Town Bakery

After arranging for some alterations at the awesome tailors and custom suit makers at Modernize Tailors at 511 Carrall Street telephone 604 685 0610, Barb and I visited the Chinese Filipino bakery, New Town Bakery and Restaurant at http://ca.maps.yahoo.com/py/maps.py?BFCat=&Pyt=Tmap&newFL=Use+Address+Be...


La Petite France -becoming one of our semi-regular hangouts

Every other weekend or so, I go to La Petite France and try something new. I haven't got around to having tea there or eating something savoury like tarte flambée, but all the sweet things I've tried so far have been great.

In particular, I love their "patate" and "banane" which are pastries which look like potatoes and bananas! Mmmm.

Last weekend, I tried a delicious almond tart/pastry and it was delicious. It's my current favourite. A slice of heaven for only about four bucks!


Thanks for the link Arbutus House!

We have never stayed at or heard about the Arbutus House B&B and have absolutely no connection to them, but we are always grateful when we find people have linked to us via our referers log. Thanks for the link, Arbutus House!

After quickly perusing their site, however, it does look like a great place to stay. And the page that links to VanEats has an interesting collection of restaurants that are definitely worthwhile considering!


Don Genova's Pacific Palate

UPDATE July 10, 2001: Don's current schedule can be found here.

At the East Van Farmers' market, last Saturday, we met up with Don Genova, host of Pacific Palate. He was selling bags of Duqqa. Duqqa is an ancient Arabic mixture of spices that can be used as a dip, a crust or as a spice. We sampled it by dipping some bread in olive oil and then in the Duqqa. It's absolutely delicious! We liked it so much that we ordered four bags of Duqqa for ourselves and for friends!


Kevin's Going Away Brunch - Barb's Sugar Bacon

Barb and I had a small going away brunch for our friend Kevin today. Kevin is one of the best Lindy Hoppers in Vancouver and he is only 18! He's going to Europe to teach Lindy Hop and to continue his dance education. Bon voyage and Gute Reise, Kevin!

So as a sendoff, we had a small potluck brunch today with just the people that we know well who are also Kevin's friends. It would have been nice to have a large party with all of his friends but with the wedding we didn't have the time and energy to organize a big party.


Buying Moonstruck Organic Cheese at VanEast Farmers' Market

It was a beautiful day today in Vancouver and we went to the Van East Farmers' Market. While buying some of Moonstruck Organic Cheese's Blue Moon (an excellent blue cheese by the way!), we couldn't help but take a picture of their wonderful sign. According to James Barber, the cow's name is Blossum!


Guide to Cooking Filipino and Filipino Cooking Stuff

From my referers log, I found a link to "Your Guide to Cooking Filipino and Filipino Food Stuff" subsite of Tanikalang Ginto aka FilipinoLinks.com. For anybody with the slightest interest in Filipino food at all, there's lots of good links here.

One example would be The Cook's Thesauras: Cooking Greens.



Walter told me about FlavourFinder.com. It's a Vancouver commercial "restaurant portal" website devoted to food lovers featuring restaurant reviews( e.g. this review of Le Crocodile), and restaurant listings complete with menus, opening hours and maps and, optionally, the ability to order and make reservations online.

You can also join the site and have a customized "MyFlavourFinder.com" similar to "MyNetscape.com".


Mimi's Cyber-Kitchen

Gene sent an email about Mimi's Cyber Kitchen today. It looks good: it contains recipes (such as the "memories of childhood spent eating at Canadian Chinese food restaurants" recipe, Shrimp with lobster sauce), cookbooks and lots of other useful info. Thanks, Gene!


Saltena aka Bolivian Meat Turnovers

Saltenas are a juicier Bolivian version of Spanish empanadas according to the Washington Post (via woifm) . Something to try! Anybody know of a good Bolivian restaurant in Vancouver with Saltenas? If so, please let us know!



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