1st Birthday Cake

Food at the Kid's 1st Birthday party - 2


Prado Cafe on Commercial - Publicity Shy?

Had an *interesting* experience with the folks from Prado (northeast corner of 4th and Commercial, website forthcoming) yesterday. I took some pictures and one of the staff ran out and told me to delete them. No sweat off my back, so I deleted the photos! But isn't all publicity, good publicity, especially VanEats 1000+ visitors per day :-) ?


VancouverCoffee launches

Congrats to my friends Arieanna and Ianiv on their launch of their new website, VancouverCoffee. And I am sure you wondering if it has an RSS feed :-) and yes they do! Here is the VancouverCoffee RSS feed that you can drag into your RSS reader.


Edible Vancouver has a great concept, would be even better if their website had an RSS feed

Edible Vancouver sounds like a great idea. Please add an RSS feed for your newsletter and site for early adopters and connectors who are swamped with email spam. Looking forward to reading about some sample tours and itineraries that are actually in Vancouver as opposed to the current sample event which is in Victoria.


Thomas Haas's Chocolate Sparkle Cookies

After baking - Thomas Haas's Chocolate Sparkle Cookies - 3

LATER: I believe this is Thomas Haas's Chocolate Sparkle Cookies recipe which used to be on the LA Times website.


Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival: March 17-19

Tickets for the Vancouver International Wine Festival are $65 in advance by calling Ticketmaster at 604-280-3311. Looking forward to reading the reports and seeing the pictures from Boris and Richard who will be attending on the 18th!


Product of his Parents

Junior's first birthday is just around the corner and it's been an interesting year to say the least!  Of course we've been completely consumed with all aspects of childrearing and parenting, but we're fascinated by how our little one's palate is developing!



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