Farmers' Markets

Farmers Market at Lonsdale Quay

There's a small outdoor Farmers Market at Lonsdale Quay starting at 10a.m. on Saturdays.

Barb and I went today and picked up some wonderful fresh strawberries from a Surrey farmer. Check it out!

East Van Farmers' Market opens May 17, 2003

One of our favourite markets, the East Van Farmers' Market will open on May 17, 2003. A definite sign of spring!

This year we will also check out the other great Farmers' Markets at Nat Bailey Stadium and in the West End. And we will carry our fruit and vegetables and other goodies in our new Ghanaian basket.

Harvest Bounty

We went down to the East Van Farmer's Market yesterday with the mission of buying some heirloom tomatoes. We found some beautiful tomatoes (I can't remember what varieties they are!) as well as some purple carrots, cavolo nero, salad turnips, gala apples and coronation grapes.

Feast of Fields

Tomorrow is Vancouver's 8th annual Feast of Fields, a grand harvest festival and fundraiser for Farm Folk/City Folk. The event, held at the UBC Farm, will feature an extravaganza of locally grown, prepared and brewed food. What a great way to savour the best of local food while supporting a worthy cause!

Cavolo Nero

Last weekend, we visited the East Van Farmer's Market and I was thrilled to find cavolo nero, a dark green, almost black kale. When we were in Tuscany for our honeymoon, we ate it in ribollita and I've been hoping to grow it and/or buy it here. Westcoast Seeds carries cavolo nero seeds, but I didn't get my act together this spring to grow any!

UBC Farm Market

From the "I-don't know how we missed it department", we missed the opening of the UBC Farm Market last Saturday.

Anyways, the UBC Farm Market (6182 South Campus Road) runs every Saturday throughout the summer (starting last Saturday) from 9am to 1p.m.

See you there!

East Van Farmers Market Opens Tomorrow

One of our favourite markets, the East Van Farmers Market opens tomorrow morning at 9a.m. See you there!

East Van Farmers Market opens May 18, 2002

One of our favourite markets, the East Van Farmers Market at East 15th and Victoria opens a week tomorrow on Saturday May 18 and every Saturday thereafter until October 12 from 9a.m. to 2p.m. See you there!

Winter Market at the Heritage Hall this Weekend

The Heritage Hall at Main and East 15th is the site of this year's Your Local Farmers Market Society Winter Market. It will be held tomorrow and Sunday (December 8 and 9) from 10a.m. to 5p.m.

It's a great place to pick up local food (from farmers and other people like Ann Kirsebom's Tequi-Lime BBQ Sauce) and crafts. Perfect for Christmas presents. Barb and I will be there on Sunday for a couple of hours. Recommended!

Cloverdale Produce Farm now has a website

One of our first stories was about the maze at Cloverdale Produce Farm. Tim from Cloverdale Produce Farm wrote us an email stating that they are always at A Taste of BC (held every summer) at Minter Gardens. They now also have a website of their own and also a website for their corn maze which are both worth checking out along with their food. Thanks for the email, Tim!


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