Web Directions North food recommendations

There's a fantastic conference called Web Directions North for web designers and developers happening Feb 6-10 at the Renaissance Hotel . The website has some great dining suggestions, here are some more:

  • For those willing to venture farther afoot for breakfast, Brioche in Gastown has excellent coffee and breakfast - omlettes and pastries and coffee and more (and excellent lunch too!)
  • Kintaro for Ramen at 788 Denman Street, 604 682-7568 - great for a cheap and cheerful lunch and dinner
  • Raincity Grill for a splurge if you are looking for "west coast cuisine" - a classic!
  • If you have a car, Au Petit Cafe for Vietnamese sandwiches, coffee and Vietnamese food in general
  • Chinatown is a bit of a walk but these restaurants are worth it: Phnom Penh (Cambodian and Vietnamese food), The Boss (great place for breakfast. Favs are congee and pepper beef noodle) and New Town Bakery (order special B, noodles with bok choy and pork, my fav and Hong Kong Ice Milk Tea or just get a chicken buns aka "bola bola" and spicy bun aka "mah laht bao" to go)
  • Also if you have a car: Green Village (northern Chinese dumplings and noodles) and Green Lettuce (Bombay Style Chinese Food!)
  • there are so many more! Email us if you need further suggestions