Mini-Review Brioche in Gastown

Brioche  (401 West Cordova Street, 604 682-4037) is a small, friendly room in an odd-shaped but funky building wedged between Cordova and Water.

The staff are friendly and patient with your questions.  The Sicilian inspired food, which is made on the premises fresh each day, is  great. 

I've enjoyed the pasta as I wrote in my Brioche first visit report.

On my last visit way back in March (in my previous life before the baby was born), I had a soup and salad combo for lunch.  For about nine bucks including tax you get a gigantic portion enough for two people.

My soup was Italian chili.  I can't vouch for its authenticity (Is chili Italian? Spicy food is definitely a part of some regional Italian cooking!) but it was flavourful (a tad spicy but not much) and delicious.  And the greek salad was lovely too.

On previous occasions, I've also tried their desserts.  I can happily report that their chocolate desserts are wonderful.

One minor niggle is that the room can get a tad smokey from the oven or grill.  I would suggest that they improve their ventilation.  This is definitely a minor complaint as I didn't even notice this (too many nights in cigarette smoke filled European bars I guess) until a friend pointed it out.

Brioche is definitely one of my favourite places to have dessert or lunch in Gastown.  Highly recommended.