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Google Ads on VanEats? All restaurants and food related sites need blogs!

As some of you may or may not know, I have started a weblogging business. However until we get financing of some sort, money is a bit tight.

As a result, I am contemplating putting Google Ads on VanEats in order to raise some money. The ads are unobtrusive I think and are supposed to be topical. In other words they should be food (and hopefully Vancouver related).


Happy 3rd birthday, VanEats!

I forgot to mention last week that June 10, 2003 was the 3rd birthday of VanEats!

We've come a long way since June 10, 2000.

Over 200 recipes.

Over 40 restaurant reviews.

And plenty of great food tips that we've been happy to share and to receive from our readers.

And last but not least, lots of great conversations with our readers about food!

We look forward to many more years of sharing our food discoveries!


Membership-less comments now enabled

We have enabled comments on this site. This means that membership is no longer required to post comments. Hopefully this will result in increased feedback from our readers.

Posting news items and messages (which we still encourage!) still requires a free, painless, and spam-free membership


More RSS Feeds to allow you to subscribe to what you want

I've finally enabled the awesome RSS Plugin for VanEats.

This allows you to fine tune your subscriptions to this site if you are using an RSS reader like NetNewsWire or NewsGator.

Every site should have an RSS file! Frankly, if a site doesn't have an RSS file, then I don't usually read it. Too much manual surfing work! Life's too short! Let the news come to you!


On hiatus until May 24

VanEats will be on vacation until May 24. Updates (if any) will be sporadic!Happy Victoria Day!


Happy Holidays!

We are on vacation! Updates will be irregular until January 3, 2003.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Season's Greetings!

We wish all of our readers and their families happiness, prosperity and good food in the coming year!


Away until December 1, 2002

We'll be away and probably not updating until December 1st.

See you then!


Search Engine finally works!

We finally got the search engine working properly! Before, sometimes it took 2 clicks to get all the valid search results.

Thanks to Erin for sorting this out for us.

If you experience any other problems with the search engine, please email us or let us know.


Roland's weblog is down due to dead fans

This is a bit off topic but my weblog,, is offline until I can replace the fans on the server that powers it! This may take two weeks because I will be away next week and may not have any time to fix it this week.

My apologies for any incovenience!


Effective December 1, 2002, we will no longer respond to email sent to Please send all correspondence effective immediately to



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