Mini-Review: Au Petit Cafe

The staff at Au Petit Cafe (4851 Main Street just north of 33rd, 604 873-3328, 10a.m.-7p.m., CLOSED on Wednesdays) are super friendly. They even gave me permission to post their full menu!

As for the restaurant, what can I say, other than it's a small room (only about 10 tables at the very most and only one high chair if you have a baby) and very crowded.  My advice get their early; before 10:30 is a great time.

And oh the food.  The best Vietnamese sandwiches (our favourite is #1 for about four bucks what a bargain: French bread sub with home made ham, house meat ball, vegetables and hot peppers) in the city.  Check out the following photo:
Sun05Dec2004 - Excellent Vietnamese food at Au Petit Cafe - 3

Excellent beef stew ($6.25): flavourful with star anise and beefy goodness.  Here's another pic:
Sun05Dec2004 - Excellent Vietnamese food at Au Petit Cafe - 1

We've barely explored the menu but the sublime weekend only "steamed rice pastes topped with  mashed green beans, shredded pork, shrimp bits, green onions and fish sauce" for $6 is one of our favourites. It sounds strange, but try it, I bet you'll like it.

And finish it all off with a great Vietnamese iced coffee for  $2.95!

Cheap cheap cheap for food that will make you feel very rich!

On our last visit, Barb and I split a sub, one iced coffee and a beef stew for about $14 before tip.  Highly Recommended!