Vietnamese Iced Coffee - A pictorial essay

[UPDATE Mon11Oct2004: Added a Flickr slideshow and found Flexistenialism's amazing Vietnamese Iced Coffee story which shows you how to make this great treat at home.]

[As seen at Au Petit Cafe on 33rd and Main.]

For those who aren't familiar with Vietnamese iced coffee (sweetened condensed milk combined with Vietnamese drip coffee and ice), here's a picture essay (click on each thumbnail below to get a bigger picture from Flickr, which is a great way of sharing your photos)  showing how it works:

First you get a cup with ice (see the yellow cup in the background) and a filter with coffee that drips into sweetened condensed milk:

Then the coffee drips slowly down into the milk:

Here's a picture of the top of the coffee filter showing the coffee before it drips through:

All good things take time, you have to wait a while! Here's another intermediate step:

And another with a cup of ice beside it:

When all the dripping is done, it looks something like this (after you have added the ice):

The final step is to stir and you are left with:

Totally addictive and totally tasty: Vietnamese iced coffee!