Autumn Bounty

The East Van Farmers Market was hopping today! In the peak of harvest, the market stalls were full of gorgeous things ranging from beautiful flowers to picture perfect squash to rosy apples. Unfortunately we forgot our camera as we rushed out the door in the morning!

This is what we brought home (clockwise from left): organic arugula, organic cavolo nero, monster zucchini, organic basil, 4 varieties of organic heirloom tomatoes, green beans, blueberries (centre).

I'll be using the zucchini (2 for $1!) in chocolate zucchini cake and zucchini cheese bread. Most of the basil and the beans will be used in trenette with pesto . I'll probably use the cavolo nero in a soothing vegetable soup. And we'll just savour the fragrant tomatoes as they are!


"Cavolo nero"! i love that name. I had always just known it as black kale (or lacinato kale). food always sounds great in italian.

mnorrie: the link to cavolo nero is a link to a VanEats story barb did! thanks for reminding us

Nice looking like an advertisement photo : )

and here is a good link about "cavolo nero" that i found with google