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For the love of mayonaise, NOT!

If you don't like mayonaise, then check out the I Hate Mayonaise Club :-) (via Feed)

I am not that fond of mayonaise but this is very silly.


Portrait of a "Real" Bagel

For those of you who haven't seen a real "Montreal style" bagel, check out this picture of a real sesame seed bagel from Siegel's Bagels: a Siegel's sesame seed bagel: A sesame seed bagel from Siegel's Bagels.


VanEats Launch party a success!

The VanEats launch party was awesome!

Lots of great food and drink was had by all. And most importantly we received a lot of donations for the foodbank.

Barb has graciously posted the recipes for Smoky Caramalized Onion Bites, Cranberry Vodka Spritzers and Thai Fish Cakes

Barb will be posting a followup item soon about her take on the party.


For the love of Mohnkuchen

Crazy for Mohnkuchen would be another title for this news item! I am looking for Mohnkuchen (poppy seed cake) like I used to enjoy at the Dornier Kantine when I lived in Germany.


VanEats Launches June 11, 2000

Welcome to VanEats!

VanEats is our guide to dining and cooking in Vancouver.

Our mission: to share our love of food and our Vancouver food discoveries.

Thanks for checking our web site out!

...Roland Tanglao and Barb Wong



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