It's a boy

Healthy. 1:50a.m. Saturday. More soon at Won'be much blogging here until about April 12th.



Congrats on ushering in another generation of foodies : )

Congratulations! I've also got a restaurant suggestion - El Caravan - it's at 809 seymour (seymour and robson) Lunchtime buffet is 8.95 ad it's got fantastic mousaka, also chicken lamb, beef etc. I impressed

Congratulations on your new baby boy! Enjoy your wonderful time together!

Cheers and best wishes! Thanks for all your work on the Vancouver food scene. Looking forward to your return as a trio of food adventurers.


Wonderful News! Please take some time for yourselves to enjoy these precious moments to the fullest!

Congratulations (gong xi) to you both !

Yeah!! Wonderful news!! Congrats to you both!!

Congratulations to you both!!