The Templeton and Take 5 Cafe - Two great places with Free WiFi for OSCMS 2006 Attendees

Sep2004Food - Yummy burger and tofu soup at The Templeton - 1
First cup of coffee of the day at Take5

Attention, fellow OSCMS attendees. Need some fresh air or just a change of scenery to motivate your open source software development? I suggest the following two places. They both have delicious food and free WiFi: The Templeton (great diner style burgers both meat and veggie and breakfast, open at 9a.m.) and Take 5 (VanEats Take 5 Review) at 429 Granville (open 7a.m. - 8p.m. Mon to Fri; great coffee and food). Both are great for impromptu hacking sessions; especially Take 5's comfy couches! The Templeton being a diner is much smaller but it's nice and cozy