Mini-Review: Take 5 Cafe

Take 5 Cafe ( 429 Granville Street just south of Hastings, 604 697-9090, also in Coal Harbour and Robson Street) has become my virtual office. I don't really have an office, so we have company meetings over lunch and coffee there (they also do breakfast starting at 6:30a.m. but I've never tried it)

The ambiance is trendy and friendly with tables for two and comfy armchairs in the back surrounding larger tables.  The staff are  super friendly to boot.

And the free WiFi (when it works, for some reason it hasn't been working on my Mac for the last couple of weeks) is an added bonus.

But of course the main thing is the food.

I love the paninis.  They are grilled and toasted just right (just as yummy as Tony's on the Drive).  I've tried the beef and the portobelle mushroom paninis.  Both have been fantastic.  Pair them up with a soup such as they yummy wild duck soup that I tried recently and you have a combo that's enough for two sharing or someone with a big appetite.  All for about nine bucks!

Highly recommended!