Katzenjammer is closed?!?

Too bad. I hope this is only temporary. I will miss Katzenjammer Don't know about the 'reliable staff' remark; the ones we dealt with were friendly and efficient.

From an email from Peter Caulfield:


Hi, VanEats -

Just a note to let you know the Cafe Katzenjammer on W. 10th Avenue in West Point Grey is, according to a note posted on the resto's front door, 'closed until further notice.' Also according to the note, the owner had trouble getting and holding 'reliable staff.' A terrible pity, because the food was really good and the atmosphere warm without being cloying. One of the few (the only?) restos in Vancouver where you could get home-cooked German food. Hope it either re-opens soon under the same owner or he sells it to someone who's serious about making a go of it. It did a good business Sept-June, altho it was slow during the summers. I think it's been in business for two years. Renee, the former owner of Gladys, on Fourth Avenue, sometimes cooked.

Cheers, Peter Caulfield