Mini-Review Cafe Katzenjammer

Katzenhammer means 'hangover' in German.  Katzenjammer is also a comic strip that's been published for three centuries!

And now for lucky Vancouverites, Katzenjammer (4441 West 10th Avenue, 604 222 2775) is also a place to hang out and have hearty, tasty, unpretentious German food.

The room is inviting and decorated in German colours and memorabilia from the comic strip and Germany in the 1920s.  The crowd is mixed, full people of all ages some of whom actually speak German!

Ever since my three year stay in Germany from 95-98, I  have loved both  Wienerschnitzel and  German dark wheat beer. And Cafe Katzenjammer does them both well.

On our last visit, I enjoyed Special #1 Mixed grill ($16.95) which consisted of a large schnitzel (tasty, thin, nicely seasoned, juicy, crispy <strike>deep</strike>pan fried goodness), a bratwurst, sauerkraut, pan fries and German meatloaf with mushroom sauce and a Kaisersalat (Caeser salad :-) !).  Not a combination that would be served in Germany since it mixes different culinary regions but delicious and worthwhile all the same.

Barb had Special #2 ($14.95) which was goulash topped with spaetzle and a large Kaisersalat (normally it comes with a Warsteiner beer but our friendly server graciously offered to substitute a salad).   We loved the spaetzle!

With a Scheider Weisse dark wheat beer ($5.95, I love all German dark wheat beers) and apple strudel ($3.95, try it you'll like it, not sweet with raisins and flaky, tender yet substantial pastry), the bill came to $46.40.

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