First Visit: Kintaro Ramen

A couple of months ago, a Japanese person that I met recommended the ramen at Kintaro Ramen (788 Davie Street, 604-682-7568, open from noon every day except Monday).

This restaurant focuses on one thing only: Ramen. Other than gyozas, there's nothing else on the menu. In other words no sushi!

We finally tried it today and were very impressed. The noodle soup consisting of the broth, the ramen noodles and the toppings was yummy! This is the real thing; not some pale imitation from a package!

The broth was flavourful and rich. It comes in three different intensities: light, medium and heavy. I had the miso broth and it very tasty without overpowering you with miso flavour. The broth reminded me of the broth at Wagamama. My first impression is that the broth here is tastier than Wagamama's but not not as healthy. Unlike Wagamama, Kintaro's broth is NOT available in vegetarian form; only a pork based broth is available.

The noodles which are hand made were chewy and not overcooked. Mmmm!

Each bowl of ramen came with many fillings but the highlight was the barbeque pork: You can choose either lean or fatty. We chose lean and were surprised how tender and tasty it was.

Our bill including one miso ramen (with extra barbeque pork), one shoyu ramen with wakame (sea weed) and an egg and an order of gyozas came to a very reasonable $21.08.

We'll definitely be back! If you have been to Kintaro, please tell us about your experiences.