Mini-Review: Tama Sushi

One of my favourite restaurants that I forgot to mention in my favourite restaurant feature is Tama Sushi. It's walking distance from where I live which is a major bonus because I hate driving. Whenever people come to visit, I alway take them there and they always enjoy it. I love to hang out at the sushi bar and kibbitz with the sushi chefs while they make sushi and grill eel.

The fish there is always fresh! My favourites are: whatever they have on special and spicy tuna sashimi. And if I am lucky enough to go with my friend Mankee, I always get extra stuff.

The prices are reasonable. You can stuff yourself full of high quality sushi at dinner time for $20-$30 per person without alcohol. They also have great lunch deals which are much cheaper.

Tama Sushi, 200-1595 West Broadway, 738-0119