Mini-Review: Phnom Penh

First reviewed by Barb back in 2000, the Phnom Penh (244 E. Georgia St. in Chinatown, 604 682-5777)  has become a venerable institution and continues to impress.  Highly recommended!

Best of all, it's still inexpensive.  Last night, ten of us ate 10 dishes  with coffee and some cokes and lots of food for everybody and with tip, the total came to $23 per person!

There's really no need to say more except that everything on the menu is great and here are some pictures.

Excellent BBQ:

Pho and Chicken Wings with lemon pepper sauce:

Chicken Wings with Lemon Pepper Sauce (a classic that we've loved since 2004):

Lemon Grass Pork: Another classic!

Lotus Root with garlic:

Shrimp with Sugar Cane:

Pepper Squid: