Mini-Review Taco Mexico Rico fka Mexico Sabroso

[UPDATE: in 2006  Taco Mexico Rico moved to 309 West Pender]
[UPDATE: in 2004 the name of this restaurant was changed to Taco Mexico Rico]

If you are looking for a small, cozy place for inexpensive Mexican food, Mexico Sabroso (440 West Hastings, 604 688 7426) is a great place.

The sopes (thick corn tortillas with beans lettuce, sour cream, feta and avocado)  for $7.00 are highly recommended and so are any of their dishes (such as tacos) with their wonderful "pork al pastor" which is flavourful but not spicy.

Also highly recommended is their Agua fresca de la michoacana (fresh fruit water) for $2.50.  And they have "only-found-in-Mexico-and-the-USA" soft drinks such as Sidral Mundet which tasted similar to carbonated apple juice.

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