Mini-Review: Green Lettuce on Kingsway

Vancouver has an abundance of "ethnic hole in the wall restaurants" of all kinds, but I think that two groups for some reason tower over the others:  South Asian and Chinese restaurants.

It's not surprising, therefore,  that we have excellent restaurants that fuse these two cultures together.  Green Lettuce ( 1949 Kingsway, 604 876-9883) is one of them.  It serves some excellent Bombay style Chinese food.

It's not a "hole in the wall".  The ambiance is cheerful and the room is full of families of all kinds including South Asian and Chinese unpretentiously having fun and enjoying the delicious food.

The food is first rate: spicy takes on Chinese dishes fused with  Indian spices and sensibility.

And it's inexpensive.  On our last visit, the four of us shared hot and sour soup, chili lamb, eggplant with chicken, manchurian gobi (cauliflower) and spicy sour fish, a beer and two cokes for $63.93 with taxes but not including a tip.  The most expensive dish was $11.95 with most being cheaper and a few being a couple of bucks more expensive.

We love the hot and sour soup because it has the added Indian punch of masala spice.  And the fish has that spicy/sour/deep fried combination of goodness that Barb and I both love.  Check out our first visit report for more info on other dishes!  Highly recommended.