Mini-Review: Grand Honour Hot Pot

Since our first visit to Grand Honour Hot Pot (if you are a Chinese Hot Pot aka Chinese Fondue newbie, check out our first visit report for the full scoop) this summer, I have been itching to go back!

Tonight we went back and it was fabulous! Perfect winter food.

We went a little crazy when it came to ordering tonight and ordered 16 dishes. We had beef slices ($10; tender and good!), Pork Shoulder Trim ($8; fatty but delicious), Deep Fried Fish Skin ($7, Barb's favourite; a bit like pork rind; very rich), Fresh Tender Clams ($16), Fresh Shrimp ($15; delicious long prawns on a stick), Fish Slices ($13), Chicken Slices ($9), Shrimp Dumpling ($7; shrimp wonton with lots of tasty mushrooms that were almost as good as those at McKim), Bean Curd Puffs ($5; big bricks of tofu), Stuffed Bean Curd Puffs ($8; stuffed with fish!), Four Kinds of Meat Balls Combo ($12; fish; shrimp; pork and beef), Garland Chrysanthemum ($7; crispy green and leafy; my personal favourite vegetable of the night), Watercress ($7), Chui Choy ($6), Chinese Vermicelli ($4) and Japanese Udon ($4; chewy and perfect in the broth).

We only ordered two broths to dip the above food in this time: the spicy pepper and pork belly broth which was my favourite and the plain chicken broth. Speaking of the broth, apparently this restaurant's competitve advantage is in the wide variety of broths that they serve. So they are very secretive about it and wouldn't give us the chinese menu to take home. They gave us an English menu but it doesn't have the broths on it! Some of the available broths are: miso, plain, spicy pepper and pork belly, satay, ultra hot, tomato, fish broth, consommé and cream broth.

It was a lot of fun trying to figure out which of our many dishes to dip into the broth next. And it was even more fun retrieving food from the broth pot with our little metal mini baskets and chopsticks!

This was more than enough food to stuff the six of us with plenty of left overs to take home. And the tab came to a very reasonable $126. Highly recommended!

Here's some pictures of the two page English menu. If you look closely, you can see what we ordered! We actually ordered from the Chinese menu but I had Barb's mom check off what we ordered on the English Menu so that if we ever went without her parents we would know what was good.
Grand Honour Hot Pot Menu Page 1: Page 1 of the English Menu at Grand Honour Hot Pot Restaurant.  If you look closely, you can see what we ordered on November 11, 2002.
Grand Honour Hot Pot English Menu Page 2: Page 2 of the Grand Honour Hot Pot English menu showing what we ordered on November 11, 2002

Grand Honour Hot Pot Restaurant, 5668 Granville Street, 604 263 3988