The Great Food Challenge

I love a good food challenge. Not that food should be challenging. I just like to push myself a bit, think out of the box and try out new ingredients, cooking methods and flavours.

We have been thrown the ultimate challenge. The Kid has undergone some preliminary allergy testing and we have to put him on a 2 week food elimination trial:
-no shellfish
-no wheat
-no rice
-no eggs

No shellfish, no problem. We're not huge shellfish eaters.

No wheat. OK...

No eggs. Fine.

No rice. What?! He's Asian! What's he going to eat?!

Actually, after some initial research, there are plenty of grains he can eat. Luckily we have a varied diet and the Kid is receptive to trying new things. It's all a matter of being creative and open to experiment.

Hopefully the Kid won't be bored and won't feel deprived. I'm sure we'll have some interesting items to post as we undertake this challenge.