Raincity Grill's New Year's Day Brunch was fab!

Barb and I went on a rare "date" and we racked our brains as to where to go for lunch on a holiday like New Year's Day.

Inspired on my vision of back bone stew from Jang Mo Jib a while back, we figured Korean on Robson or Denman. But we ended up somewhere different.

Out of the corner of her eye, Barb spotted Raincity Grill and that it was open! We parked, and walked back and had a fabulous brunch.

Barb had the ling cod which she pronounced fresh (one of the highest compliments that one versed in Cantonese food culture can give!) and tasty and I had duck with hand rolled pasta. Delicious! Not over cooked and duck is one of my favourite things.The kitchen didn't skip a beat from the previous night's party clearly!

Since we didn't stay up to midnight for New Year's Eve, we had some celebratory drinks: I had a Kir Royale ($10.50 splurge with BC sparkling), and Barb had freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. With two coffees, the bill came to $53 before tip. Not inexpensive but not expensive and definitely a great treat.

Like Bishop's, I trust and hope Raincity Grill will be around forever. The room is 'luxe without being pretentious, the staff doubly so and it's just a great relaxing (gemuetlich is the German word that comes to mind!) place for eating a beautiful, delicious meal at an unhurried pace.

If only we had the time and money to go to Bishop's and Raincity Grill as often as we'd like!

Herewith photos of our food:

Barb's Ling Cod

Ling Cod at Raincity Grill New Year's Day Brunch - Roland N80i in Vancouver 045

My hand rolled pasta with duck

Hand made pasta with duck at Raincity Grill New Year's Day Brunch - Roland N80i in Vancouver 046