My Top 5 WiFi Cafes List in Vancouver in The Province -  N93 version, macro with flash in our bathroom with red walls - 31/12/2006

As seen in Today's Vancouver Province (link will die due to the Province's antiquated website policy and infrastructure). I added links, addresses and phone numbers.


Top 5 Wi-Fi cafes in Vancouver, according to Roland Tanglao, who runs with his wife, Barb:

1. Take Five Cafe at 429 Granville St., 604 697-9090: "Great food and great ambience," says Roland. "Their Wi-Fi worked from day one and they have power strips and they're really friendly about people using them."

2. Trees Cafe, across the street at 450 Granville, 604-684-5060: "More students and a little less posh -- but nice."

3. Blakes (221 Carrall Street, 604-899-3354) in Gastown: "They have great sandwiches and you see all kinds of people using the free Wi-Fi."

4. Wicked Cafe, 604 733-9425 on West 7th (1399 W. 7th Ave): "Great coffee and very relaxing."

5. WorkSpace Cafe (21 Water St., 604 637-2252) in Gastown: "You're supposed to be a member to use the Wi-Fi but they don't mind you going there for coffee. There's also an iMac that anyone can use."