Pinpin value meals - highly recommended

Adobo Chicken with Rice value meal at Pinpin:

BBQ chicken with adobo sauce on the side - Pinpin 02/12/2006

Boneless BBQ Pork Skewer value meal at Pinpin:

BBQ Pork Filipino style at Pinpin 02/12/2006

We went to Pinpin (6113 Fraser Street 604-322-3086) yesterday for lunch and tried their "value meals". For $7.95 you get soup of the day, rice and meat, seafood or shrimp. We had the Adobo Chicken with rice value meal (adobo sauce consisting of garlic, vinegar and soy sauce on the side, with grilled tender, juicy chicken) and the Pork BBQ value meal (boneless bbq pork done in that inimitable juicy, sweet Filipino style). Delicious and highly recommended along with the rest of their menu (we've tried nilagang baka, pancit palabok, kare kare, bicol express, etc. in previous visits and loved them all)