Green Village has great northern style Chinese food - ignore the Courier's Cheap Eats "review"

Despite what the Courier said in a recent Green Village "review" in their Cheap Eats section, Green Village is an amazing place for cheap, flavourful northern style Chinese food, you just have to know what to order. Here's what to order for lunch (you can probably get these for dinner as well, if not ask the staff to suggest some real northern style Chinese food): deluxe stuffed sweet rice, steamed pork buns, shredded turnip pan cakes, fried rice cake with shredded pork, sweet and sour salt puff pastries, shredded pork chow mein, sweet soya milk, etc. More details over on our Green Village review (if you don't trust us :-), check out Tim Pawsey's Green Village Review also in the Courier; the reviews are both old but Barb was just there two weeks ago and the food is as delicious and inexpensive as ever). Mmmm I am getting hungry thinking about it!