O Lupo reviews Zako's Deli

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by O Lupo, the Roving Palate

500 W Broadway #102 (One block E from CC)
604 709-9202

The newly opened Zako's Deli on West Broadway features the sort of
devotion to veritable Montreal Smoked-meat, gently steamed, that could
pass muster (or mustard) with even the crankiest of Snowdonâs

Seemingly slight points of order--like the iron rule that S-meat
sandwich bread should always be steamed, not toasted; that pickles
should crunch, not sag, when you bite into them; and, that coleslaw
should bear no trace of mayo or (shudder) ranch dressing--are a big
deal at Zako's, as they
should be!

After two months or so in business, this bright spot could use just the
slightest fine-tuning, perhaps some better signage to let uninitiated
West-coasters know what pleasures lie in store when they

Also, I sincerely look forward to the day when I can turn from my
heaven-made-flesh of a sandwich and say, "Hey, Saleh (the friendly
owner), a side-order of latke over here." For now, the fries and âslaw
are your best bets.

Apologies to poutine enthusiasts; I've never been a big one for the
stuff, so I have yet to sample Zako's. The much-praised gravy, curds
and taters are another of the house specialities.