1st Visit: Diner in Yaletown

Meatloaf at Diner - Roland in Vancouver 892.jpg

Actually it was my second  visit  to Diner (1269 Hamilton, 604 444-4855). I went there for breakfast in February. This time I was by myself and had the much praised meatloaf.

After two visits I am hooked! The staff is friendly and the food is delicious and the vibe of the room is non pretentious and friendly. This time I went for lunch. The meatloaf definitely lived up to my expectations.  It's moist, flavourful and a huge portion. As others have commented it comes with a tomato relish which is on the cold side. Perhaps it woud be better if it was indeed on the side of the plate rather than on top of the hot meatloaf and potatoes.

Anyways, that's a minor quibble since the dish is satisfying "warm your heart" food and brings back great memories of the meatloaf my Mom never made that I have retroactively added to my "food fantasy" childhood together with Schweinhaxen and my favourite German dessert mohnkuchen!

Speaking of desserts, I am coming back soon to try them at Diner.  The meatloaf was very filling so there was no way I could have finished a dessert!