Hungry Dave's Breakfast at Diner in Yaletown

Hungry Dave's breakfast - $10.95

I really enjoyed my Hungry Dave's breakfast (at least I think it was called Hungry Dave's, why can't restaurants use names like Roland, what's wrong with Hungry  Roland's breakfast :-) ?) Saturday morning at Diner in Yaletown (1269 Hamilton, 604 444-4855).

I was hoping for the meatloaf that I had heard about in the Courier and elsewhere but alas only breakfast is available in the morning. It was a yummy breakfast with an incredible amount of food (3 eggs, we asked for two, toast, 2 kinds of meat (I chose sausage and bacon, a waffle with cream (yes!) and potatoes). All this for $10.95 in a rare for Yaletown, non pretentious, comforting, cozy space. I'll be back for the meatloaf!