The Future of Food Opens Thurs. Dec. 1st

[ROLAND'S NOTES: looks like an interesting movie to check out. Anybody seen it yet?]


One of 2005s must-see documentaries. - San Francisco Chronicle

Opens December 1st Fifth Avenue Cinemas, 2110 Burrard Street

Opening night - a special fundraiser for The Coalition for a GE Free BC

7 out of 10 processed foods on Canadian grocery store shelves contain GE [Genetically Engineered] ingredients, from corn, to soy to canola.

The Coalition for a GE Free BC will host the 7:00 opening night screening of THE FUTURE OF FOOD as a benefit for its work in BC. SFU Professor and biotech expert, Dr. Pat Howard will introduce the film, which will be followed by a facilitated panel discussion.

For information and specially priced $10 tickets, please email or call the BC-Yukon Organizing office of the Council of Canadians at 604.688.8846.

The Coalition for a GE Free BC is a new province-wide organization comprised of private citizens, community groups and ethical businesses concerned about the genetic engineering of Canadas food supply. As 3,400 communities in Europe have done, the Coalition is involved in a national campaign to ban GE crops from Canadian communities and to educate the public about the dangers of this largely untested technology in the Canadian food system. By working with BC municipalities and regional districts they hope to pass GE Free Zone resolutions in 20 BC communities and to send a message that British Columbia will lead the way in Canada becoming a GE free country.

its one of those films that might just change the way you live your life. - New York Magazine

If you eat food you need to see The Future of Food -

THE FUTURE OF FOOD, receiving its national release here Canada, is a provocative American documentary by Deborah Koons Garcia. Already playing to packed houses in the U.S., this award-winning documentary offers an in-depth investigation into the alarming changes happening in the corporate-controlled food system. With beautiful and haunting images, it reveals the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled grocery store shelves for the past decade. Released in the States in September, THE FUTURE OF FOOD opened in Calgary on Nov. 18th, opens in Vancouver on December 1 with a special benefit screening and in Saskatoon on December 2.

THE FUTURE OF FOOD has inspired food and farming communities all over the world, says Producer-Director Garcia. We are very pleased that audiences across Canada will have the opportunity to see the film and educate themselves about what is happening to agriculture today.

With support from organic farming associations, food policy experts, environmentalists, and academics, the film has already generated tremendous buzz among activists via grassroots screenings at homes, farms, community centers and festivals since its completion last year. This past May, Vancouvers Small Potatoes Urban Delivery (SPUD) sponsored a sold out screening in Vancouver. Corporate agricultural giant, Monsanto, the worlds leading producer of genetically manufactured crops, comes under close scrutiny for its practices. The corporations protracted battle with Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmesier is one of the central stories of the movie. THE FUTURE OF FOOD won the award for Best Documentary at the deadCENTER Festival, and audience awards at both Ann Arbor and Ashland Independent Film Festivals.

Garcia made THE FUTURE OF FOOD under her production company, Lily Films. The San Francisco Bay Area filmmaker worked for over three years shooting in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Garcia meticulously researched and crafted the film in order to give viewers a clear understanding of the current takeover of our food system by giant corporations and the consequences of their own food choices.

Garcias other film credits include ALL ABOUT BABIES, POCO LOCO and GRATEFUL DAWG, a documentary featuring her late husband, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.

Cinema Libre Studio, known for distributing socially conscious documentaries such as UNCOVERED, OUTFOXED and MCLIBEL, will handle theatrical and home entertainment duties in the U.S. and Canada.

Good Company Communications, the Canadian grassroots outreach marketing and website engine behind the success of THE CORPORATION and SCAREDSACRED will continue to help mobilize citizens to foster social change around the issues of genetically engineered food, farmers rights and creation of a healthier food future. For more information visit:

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