Sneak peek of Barb's new food venture TODAY at The Crave party at the Roundhouse

Say hi to Barb and our friends at Milk Factory if you go to the Crave Party today at the Roundhouse from 5-9p.m. And check out Barb's yummy stuff!

From Barb and Roland's Journal :: Crave Holiday Shopping Party.:


Are you looking for a fun evening of shopping, spa treatments, cool tunes, fashion and more? Drop by the Crave Holiday Shopping Party on Wednesday, November 23 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Roundhouse.

Along with over 40 vendors, our friends at Milk Factory will be selling their fabulous family survival gear at the event...fashionable and functional! And they've asked my business to do a crosspromotion! So if you want a sneak peak into what Glo and I have been working on, drop by the Milk Factory booth.

If you purchase your tickets online, be sure to mention Milk Factory as a referral source.