Filipino restaurant with servers and table service in Vancouver please!

I love Filipino food (and I should since I grew up with it!) but continue to be baffled (as I have complained before) by the lack of a Vancouver Filipino restaurant with servers and table service. I love cafeteria style restaurants but if I am going to go out for lunch or dinner I much prefer to pay extra for a server to take my order and serve it to me. Much more relaxing in my opinion. Could somebody point me to a good Filipino restaurant in the city of Vancouver that has servers and table service? Or is there some sort of "cultural disconnect/yet another thing I don't know about my Filipino heritage" :-) that leads to Filipinos in Vancouver only opening cafeteria style restaurants rather than real restaurants with servers?

Oh and by the way to correct two things about the Filipino food writeup in the Georgia Straight, there are many types of pancit (it's a generic term for all Filipino noodle dishes - my favourite is pancit luglug or pancit palabok or pancit guisado or ... OK I like them all :-) !) and I can't recommend Goldilock's savoury food. Their sweets and cakes are world class but their savoury dishes are not as tasty as Galing-Galing's or Cucina Manila's! Josephine's comes highly recommended but we've never been there and it's on our long list of places to try.

From Vancouver | Best Eating | Forgotten food.:


Our first class began at Josephine’s Restaurant and Catering (2650 Main Street), a typical turo-turo (“point-point”) cafeteria. Most customers were going for the $7.50 special and so were pointing at nationally renowned dishes such as squid adobo (meaning cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and peppers), caldereta (a beef stew made with tomatoes, garlic, and bay leaves), and baked laing (taro leaves, pork, and shrimp in coconut milk). The special included sinigang soup, whose saltiness comes from fish sauce and sour zip from tamarind. Josephine’s also offers a bevy of traditional dishes à la carte, such as lumpia (spring roll), pancit (steamed noodles topped with meat and vegetables), and kare-kare, a stew of oxtail in peanut sauce.