Info on Tama Sushi closing

Thanks to Mooshmouse for pointing to a post on eGullet that gives the scoop which is that "owner of Tama sushi is actively looking for a new place, landlord jacked up rent too much so he decided to bail"

And thanks to Anahid (please help him with nearby sushi places by leaving a comment) for emailing:


As a regular to Tama Sushi, I found out, to my dismay!, 2 days before they were closing down on May 29th, 2005. It was very odd and they themselves didn't seem prepared for it - giving notice to their customers so late. Apparantly, they were not able to renegotiate their lease at the last minute, so they've closed down and may reopen somewhere else sometime in the future. But it seems very strange - that they couldn't line up some premise quickly to continue their business. They were taking contact details from customers in case they reopened. Their phone line has also been disconnected?

Anyway, it's a shame - I can't seem to decide which Sushi restaurant to make my regular haunt - any suggestions from your end? We live around Broadway & Granville area.