Farmed & Dangerous: A Wild Salmon Dinner @ Aurora

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I'll be there on Monday! And I will give a full report here.

From Farmed & Dangerous: A Wild Salmon Dinner @ Aurora.:


Chef Jeff Van Geest of Aurora Bistro
Dom Repta of Farmed and Dangerous, Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform

My apologies to the good folks at Aurora Bistro and Farmed and Dangerous for the annoying echo in this recording which is a result of glitches in my recording software. To address this, I will be doing two things I don't usually do when I have decent audio:

  1. I will not be including the audio (since the echo is annoying after a while) in the RSS feed for this podcast so the audio won't be automatically downloaded to your iPod or MP3 player. If you want to hear the echo :-), you'll have to click manually on it!
  2. Instead of just links, the key points are summarized below.

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Key points:

  • The Farmed and Dangerous Event is Monday May 30, 2005 at Aurora Bistro at 7:00p.m. and costs $29 (but it's sold out!). Includes 4 course meal and wine. It's inexpensive because a lot of the food was donated. Presentation and discussion on salmon farming.
  • Aurora Bistro was named one of the top 10 restaurants by En Route magazine in 2004. In addition to being popular with the East Van locals from the SOMA neighbourhood, it has become a destination restaurant.
  • Dom contacted Jeff about 2 months ago about his desire to have an event to help educate people about the impact of farmed salmon.
  • Dom will present a general overview of the farmed salmon situation in BC and "Try to bring some clarity in the issue".
  • Also, local fisherman will talk about salmon farming and how it has affected their livelihood.
  • The food:
    • Chilled Salt Spring Island Ebony Mussel with extra virgin olive oil, soy and roast garlic
    • Smoked Sablefish Brandade with Ruth’s organic micro greens and wild mushroom vinaigrette
    • Grilled Stikine River Chinook Salmon on warm potato and sea asparagus salad with chive blossom vinaigrette
    • Hazelmere Farm’s organic rhubarb cobbler with balsamic ice cream
    • Organic wine courtesy of Hainle Vineyards
  • Chef Jeff Van Geest plans to hold 12 dinners over 12 months, tied to the themes of sustainability, organics, and community which will turn into 12 chapters of a forthcoming Aurora Bistro cook book.
  • The Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform (CAAR) is a 9 group coalition of conservationists and First Nations - about 5 years old
  • Farmed and Dangerous campaign of CAAR has been active over 3 years - The original thought was to get the chains to stop selling farmed salmon until the industry reforms. However they have had more success with restaurants and chefs.
  • Other Farmed and Dangerous events have been held in San Francisco and on the Island.
  • There will be more events in the Lower mainland in the future. The fact that this one at the Aurora Bistro was sold out in less than 2 days means there is a large interest in the issue.