[SaabKen] French sausages and beans

[ROLAND's NOTE: Thanks Ken!]

Following on Roland's blip about Oyama's spicy lamb sausage, here's my recipe for a quick & easy "wieners and beans" dish a la Provence:

Sausage(s) of your choice - (I use spicy italian or lamb bought from Choices, but any  raw and in casing types will do)
White navy beans - (1-1/2 cans, half drained, keep about 1 cup liquid)
White or red onion - (half of a med size)
Rosemary - two twigs
Red wine - 1 cup
Aged balsamic vinegar - approx 2 tbsp or to taste
Water or stock - approx 3 cups

1) Cut onion into large crescents each about 2" long. Sautee with olive oil until browned/caralemlized. Set aside.
2) Cut sausages into 1" pieces, then brown. Add just a bit of red wine into hot pan slowly to deglaze, then add remaining wine.
3) Add white beans and cook for about a minute, then add balsamic vinegar and the drained liquid from the beans. Season with salt & ground pepper. Add rosemary twigs.
4) Add water/stock until top of liquid almost covers the mixture. Bring to boil then turn down to slow simmer. Put onions back in.
5) Simmer with lid slightly open for about 20 mins to 1 hr depending on how much time you have, with a few stirrings, tastings and seasonings in between. 

Serve like a thick soup into large soup dish or bowl. Drizzle with olive oil and more cracked pepper. Add a slice of crusty baguette on top and you have great hearty savoury meal that's cheap and good for you

Bon appetit

Contributed by SaabKen