Boris Mann's European Food Shopping Tour of Vancouver | Urban Vancouver

[ROLAND's NOTE]: Sorry for the repost. The system crashed and ate this post which I originally posted yesterday. Check out the remnants.

Danke sehr, Boris. I didn't know about European Specialty Importers and Andy's Bakery (maybe Barb does but she's asleep!). We will check them out since they are very close to our new place in East Van! Don't forget to check out some of our favourites, Asia Market (for Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian ingredients), Sunrise Market (for Chinese ingredients as well as fresh produce and meat) and Bosa (for Italian ingredients).

From European Food Shopping Tour of Vancouver | Urban Vancouver.:


My parents are both originally from Germany. I grew up speaking German, and we originally lived just off "Robson Strasse" as it was then known because of all the Germans that lived there.

Even today, living in Vancouver, most Europeans don't need to change their diet (i.e. lots of good bread, cheese, meat, sausages, chocolate, saurkraut, etc.) if you know where to shop.

And that's where this post really starts. Read on for the tour of shops to fill your Euro-diet needs (and just really good stores/food in general)