La Charcuterie [Saab Ken]

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For an hors d'oeuvres party for 20 on the weekend I picked up some cheese and deli meats from La Charcuterie (Vancouver: #190-3665 Kingsway (NW corner of Kingsway/Boundary) 604-439-3354; Surrey: #8-19080 96 Ave., 604 882-0881), a small Euro deli on Kingsway and Boundary Rd.  I've been going there for years buying a variety of cheeses and meats and they continue to offer a wide selection of fresh and quality products for low prices that would make your jaw drop and curse your local supermarkets for their exuberant markups. Examples include soft French Brie for $0.99/lb, aged Gouda for $1.49/lb, some of the best prosciutto I've eaten in Vancouver for $3/lb. The list goes on, but trying is believing. They're also known for their lunches including a list of legendary huge hoagie sandwiches for $5, with names like "BC Tel", "911" and other crown and local agencies ..... seem to be a fave with public sector employees.

The store also carries a good selection of Scandinavian/northern European confectionary items.

Bon appetit,

Contributed by SaabKen