First Visit - Superior Tofu in Richmond Centre

Savory Shanghai Tofu Pudding and Green Onion Pancakes

Barb and I hardly ever shop in malls and we had never been to Richmond Centre together until last Monday.

We hit the mall to find clothes for an upcoming wedding and in a fit of munchies, stumbled upon the Superior Tofu retail outlet.

What a lucky dip! Savory Shanghai Tofu Pudding ($3.50) and Green Onion Pancakes ($2.50) were what we tried and they were both excellent. We also took some savory pressed tofu which Barb stir fried with some vegetables to form the basis of a delicious vegetarian meal that we ate that night.

In particular, the Savory Shanghi Tofu Pudding (pictured above) with its tofu, dried shrimp, chili, soy sauce, and pickled vegetables had a fantastic combination of umami and texture (if you like that soft tofu kind of texture which I do!) which really hit the spot.

Don't know the next time I'll be in Richmond Centre (probably Christmas if I go at all the rest of this year), but I'll probably make up a reason to go sooner rather than later to try their other savory snacks like Ma-Po Tofu. Not to mention their sweet tofu snacks and drinks!