Les Amis du Fromage move

As mentioned previously, Les Amis du Fromage, our favourite cheese shop, has moved to 1752 West 2nd Avenue. For weeks, we've been walking past their new location in anticipation.

Today we stopped by to welcome the staff to the 'hood and checked out their new digs. What a difference! In their grand new space, they have at least 3 times more frontage space and they can display many more of their fabulous cheeses.

We picked up some Huntsman and some Tuscan pecorino. The Huntsman sports a sharp blue cheese bite. The pecorino is not the aged, dry type that is more common. It's fresh, young and milder than some of the pecorino we had on our honeymoon. They will be getting some slightly more aged pecorino in the future, so we'll have to check it out again.