First Visit: Fraserview Spice House

We heard about Fraserview Spice House through Nattalia, the mom of our friend Toni. As Nattalia is one of the best home chefs we know, we completely trust any of her recommendations on Indian cooking and we had to check it out.

Tucked in between a banquet hall and fabric store and just on the south side of Marine Drive, FSH is surprisingly bright and tidy. They stock just about all the dry ingredients you would ever need to cook Indian food. I particularly like the variety of dry goods that are available from bulk bins.

They carry a good range of vegetables and fruits typical to Indian cooking. The day we shopped, we found Indian eggplant and very fresh white radish and spinach. They also stock a good range of fresh herbs.

You can find a range of kitchenware such as stainless steel serving utensils, thali, storage containers, karai (similar to a wok), and cast iron griddles.

We will definitely shop here again to stock up on our Indian cooking supplies and for the great variety of kulfi (Indian ice cream)!!

Fraserview Spice House, 8244 Fraser Street, 604.323.2429