Oyama Sausage at Granville Market are the best - Stella

Stella, one of our readers, submitted the following item about Oyama Sausage Company at Granville Island Market (#126 - 1689 Johnston St, 604-648-2783). After readiing Stella's writeup plus Tim Pawsey's in the Vancouver Courier, I am stoked to try out their handmade sausage and other meat products. Of course we will write a newsitem when we do try it. In the meantime, here's Stella:

i don't know if anyone has discussed this, but if you are a sausage lover, there is no way you can live with yourself if you don't try OYAMA in the public market on granville island. you would think that you have arrived in europe since everybody there speaks a couple of languages (french was the most common one that i heard).

they do all their sausages and deli meats themselves, and they are all amazing!! their pate/terrines are also amazing.

also check out their duck rilette.... it looks a little scary, but if you like duck fat, then you will be in heaven.

trust me.


Contributed by stella