Upon the recommendation of Sylvia Molnar, I went to Stong's in Dunbar today to pick up some ground lamb.

I was very pleasantly surprised! Stong's started out as a neighbourhood grocery store in 1931 and has evolved into an independent yet modern supermarket. They have an excellent meat section, gourmet food to go, a well stocked deli with a wide variety of meat and cheeses as well as the usual supermarket food (including a selection of ethnic fruits and vegetables like baby bok choy and lemon grass) plus excellent specials (and the specials are available on line!). And you can shop online as well!

Today, for example, they had De Cecco Penne Rigate at four 500 g packages for $5. Naturally I bought 4! And many more specials.

In short it's a full service independent supermaket where you can get the usual items plus more exotic and gourmet items all for a good price. Recommended!

Stong's Market, 4560 Dunbar Street, 604 266 5191