Farm Fresh Guide

In Vancouver we're blessed with an abundance of locally based farms and food producers. There's no better time than summer to check out some of the great farms that are literally in our back yards!

To find out what local farms are producing and where farms are located, check out the Fraser Valley Farm Direct Marketing Association's Farm Fresh Guide. The Guide is full of interesting information about the importance of buying local, locations of farms, availability of various produce. You can also search out farms according to the produce or other agricultural products (like honey or even horses!)you're looking for.

Buying local benefits everyone. Consumers purchase fresh, nutritious produce and they learn more about where their food comes from. Farmers benefit from direct sales and support. The economy benefits from keeping dollars spent within our own community. And with the provinicial government's recent cut to the "BuyBC" program, it's even more important for consumers to directly support local food producers!