VanEats Launch Party Menu

We launched on June 11. To celebrate we're having a party tomorrow! Here's a sneak preview of the menu:
Spicy cashews
Spicy marinated green olives
Crazy cracker sticks
Cheddar fricos
Gruyere fricos
Crudites with peppercorn dip
Cheese platter featuring cheeses from Salt Spring Island
Sundried tomato spread
Hot crab dip
Proscuitto bites
Antipasto platter with grilled vegetables, selection of Italian cold cuts
Corn and Indian candy salsa in crispy wonton cups
Thai fish cakes
Kofta with cucumber raita
Smoky caramelized onion bites

Assorted breads from Ecco il Pane

Chocolate cinnamon straws
Mini fudge brownies
Ice cream puffs filled with Mario's gelato

B.C. wine and beers
Cranberry vodka spritzers
Mineral water