Sunrise Market

Sunrise Market is a Vancouver Chinatown institution.

Barb's family have been going there for many years. It is a Chinese supermarket and so it has fresh produce, fresh meats and Chinese, Japanese and other Asian ingredients. It is not the prettiest of places but it is crammed with excellent foodstuffs and oozes character and integrity! And of course they feature tofu from their sister operation, Sunrise Tofu.

We went there one Saturday and found to our delight that their slogan "Best Produce & Best Prices in Town" is still true. We bought some excellent pork bones very cheap for soup (about the half the price it would be elsewhere) and chicken legs with their backs attached for 89 cents a pound. And the quality, price and variety of their produce is second to none in the city. They have a separate lineup for restaurants. The fact that chefs purchase food for their restaurants here speaks volumes for this supermarket.

They also have a little snack bar serving Chinese food, and some non Chinese food (e.g. fried chicken) if you get hungry while shopping.

Highly recommended when you are in Chinatown (say to pick up stuff from the Asia Market).

Sunrise Market, 300 Powell Street, 604 685-8019