Santa Barbara Market

The Santa Barbara Market on Commercial Drive is not the place to buy toothpaste or toilet paper :-) as our wedding photographer found out during a recent shopping trip!

It is however, a good place for inexpensive fruit and vegetables (I picked up some excellent cheap red peppers and local plums today for example), and deli meats and cheeses. On the weekends, it is quite crowded (especialy at the deli meat and cheese counter), so try to come on the weekdays or early in the morining on a weekend.

Their Italian selection is also quite good. If they have the pasta or Italian tomatoes or, roasted red peppers, anitipasti, etc. that you are looking for, it will be cheaper than at other places on the Drive. They also stock a good selection of breads

However they don't have the more obscure Italian ingredients like good pancetta or really high end olive oils. If you are looking for that on the Drive then La Grotta Del Formaggio should have what you need.

Highly recommended: good quality for good prices!

Santa Barbara Market, 1322 Commercial, 604 253-6326