Kim Chau Vietnamese Deli

Kim Chau has a great assortment of deli delights that you won't find in other deli's.

One of the main features is Kim Chau's selection of Vietnamese sandwiches. These subs marry French influenced crusty rolls with Vietnamese fillings like assorted deli meats, pate, meatballs and shredded tofu, and lightly pickled vegetables. They're a real steal for under $3!

You can also buy the deli meats, fish and meatballs and other ready to cook deli ingredients and condiments to cook up your own Vietnamese delicacies. We love the satay sauce, a spicy combination of dried chili, oil, garlic and lemongrass.

The freezer case is stocked with meats and ever-so-popular spring rolls ready to fry or already fried and ready to be warmed in the oven. Great to stock up for unexpected guests!

Don't forget to check out the desserts like beans cooked in syrup and topped with coconut cream or mung bean filled sweet rice dumplings in ginger syrup.

Kim Chau Vietnamese Deli 1327 Kingsway, 874-8858