Ecco Il Pane

Ecco il Pane is nestled in a quiet corner of 5th Avenue West (just west of Columbia). They have a little cafe/sitting area where you can sip coffee and tea and eat their tasty products.

Barb and I have never done that; we've only been there to get bread for our dinner parties. Usually we get one of their Tuscan loaves and their Ficelle which is their Italian style baguette.

The baguettes are delicious and under 3 dollars.

The Tuscan bread is most definitely Tuscan style but it seems to have a little bit of salt which is not traditional Tuscan. However it is delicious.

Barb and I both love their Cherry Chocolate bread which is exactly what it sounds like, bread with chocolate and cherry in it! Mmmm! We always get it as a treat. It comes in two sizes: a loaf and a individual small bun. The loaves are just far too much decadence for us to contemplate, so we usually get two of the small buns. They are not cheap (about $4 each) but definitely worth it.

For our last party, we tried their "bake at home" Ficelle which you bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 15-20 minutes. You keep it in your freezer until you need it and then plop it in the oven when you want some bread. It was great; there's nothing like warm freshly baked bread and this is pretty darn close to it! They also have Tuscan and other varieties available in the same style. Highly recommended!

Ecco il Pane, 238 West 5th Avenue, 604 873 6888