Mini-Review: Ouzeri Restaurant

The Ouzeri Restaurant in Kits is a great neighbourhood restaurant to hang out and eat classical Greek appetizers or meze. Throw in a few mains and you have a filling and not expensive meal.

The times that Barb and I have been there, we did precisely that. We always start out with a couple of dips, like tara (flavoured with fish roe (Barb's favourite)) or hummus or my favourite which I can't remember the name but is tastily flavoured with mint.

Then we add other classic starters like dolmathes (grape leaves stuffed with rice and ground meat), their superb lemon potatoes, calamari and top it off with some mains.

We've tried the lamb chops which are delicious; tender, flavourful and not "lamby". The lamb roast is also good and the souvlaki and sauceage which we've admired but not tried also look good.

The tab for the four of us (last Monday for a pre-birthday celebration for Barb with her parents) was $65 before tax and tip. Not bad for a satisfying meal with lots of leftovers and variety.

If you are in Kits and yearn for a classic Greek mezes, Ouzeri is definitely worth visiting!

Ouzeri, 3189 West Broadway, 739-9378