Mini-Review Modern Club

Modern Club (3446 Dunbar Street, 604 739-0170) is the kind of restaurant every neighbourhood should have.  Family-run with delicious and inexpensive food.

The room is cozy and welcoming.  You can sit at tables like regular restaurants or you can sit at the bar and watch the cooking action.

The action is about okonomiyaki which are Japanese pancakes/omlettes with cabbage as a base topped with a thick Worcester-style sauce, nori flakes and pickled ginger.  Then you add meat or seafood or vegetables as well as noodles to the base.

Modern Club serves three types of okonomiyaki: regular, modern with thin noodles, and post modern with thick udon noodles.

Barb prefers the modern because the noodles are crispy, but I like all three.  You can get a trial size (which is perfect for one and for sharing) for about $5-6 depending on what kind of meat, seafood or vegetable you choose or a regular size for a couple of bucks more which is great for sharing but probably too big for one unless you are extremely hungry.

On our last visit, three of us shared three trial size okonomiyaki: a regular negicorn  (with vegetables and corn), a beef with udon post modern style and a veggie  modern.

We enjoyed all three.  Especially the negicorn with lemon juice squeezed on top and I love anything with udon noodles.

Total before tip for three trial size okonomiyaki, two orders of gomae (Japanese spinach salad) and an order of tori kimchi (chicken stir fried with pickled cabbage; a zesty appetizer!) was $27.58.